Double Roman / Italian Profile

Project Description

roof tiles


The Double Roman / Italian profile has a classic line giving a harmonious effect to the roof.


The BIOBLOK tile is an innovative product that fully meets the requirements of the time. The raw materials required for its production are environmentally friendly and throughout the process no solid liquid or gaseous fuels are used.

The surface coating of a new acrylic color on the BIOBLOK tile is an innovative solution that allows the tile to bind atmospheric oxides, reducing pollutant emissions into the environment.

Resistant to ice and temperature changes up to -50o C.
Unchanged color.
Lighter than conventional tiles by 12-14 kg / m2.
Full tightness.
Variety of colors.
Perfect application.
35 year warranty.


Technical Characteristics

Pieces per sq.m. : 9 Dimensions per piece: 33 X 42cm

Weight per piece: 4kg

Minimum roof pitch: 25%

Weight per sq.m.: 36kg

Placement rules

The basic rules for laying tiles are:

The correct slope of the roof and the leveling of the frames.

The correct slope is at least 25% while the support frames are placed at a distance of 35cm.

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