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All weather tiles!


New Generation tile - Swedish profile

Clima Life


The new generation "clima life" tile by BIOBLOCK has come to fully satisfy the needs of our times. The raw material required for its production are environmentally friendly, while, throughout the production process, no solid, liquid or gas fuel is used.

But what makes the new generation "clima life" tile by BIOBLOCK special and innovative is its surface coating with a new acrylic colour that binds the oxides in the atmosphere.

Through a simple chemical process that takes place on the tile's surface, not only the colour becomes brighter but also the oxides binded end up on the earth with rain water, enriching thus the soil and vegetation.



  • They are frost resistant and can sustain temperature changes (up to -50 degrees Celsius).
  • Their colour does not fade over time.
  • They are lighter in comparison to traditional tiles.
  • They do not absorb moisture.
  • They are covered by a 35-year warranty.
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The Swedish profile Clima Life tiles line is produced in conformity with strict quality specifications and can satisfy every requirement. See the variety of tiles colours here.


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